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frederique-boutin"International exchanges emerge and grow from cultural and academic experiences.  At ICN Business School, we have strived for many years to develop and expand our network of partners to include a multitude of institutions in today's economic world. 

Studying at ICN Business School is the opportunity to live a multicultural experience, with students and professors from around the world, and to discover the economic cultures and teaching methods of our prestigious international partners. 

All students benefit from the quality and wealth of this network during their time at ICN Business School and can aspire, once they have graduated, to have an international career. 

Our team in the International Relations Office guides students in building their exchange profile based upon their professional aspirations, and assists them throughout the process." 

Frédérique BOUTIN
Head of International Relations Office

ICN has more than 145 international partners agreements and has an increasing number of foreign students and professors.

These synergies, exchanges and patnerships allow to our students and professors to live the international experience as an action context and not as a fonction experience anymore.


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