•  MSc in Luxury and Design Management: Welcome 

MSc in Luxury and Design Management: Welcome

MSc in Luxury and Design Management: Welcome

This MSc in Luxury and Design Management is the result of a cooperation between the 3 Artem Alliance partner Schools: École nationale supérieure d'art de Nancy, ICN Business School and the Engineering School Mines Nancy.

The goal of this partnership is to connect, while at the same time distinguishing, men (artists, engineers and managers), fields (art, science & technology, management), and knowledge (how to create, produce, develop and negotiate) in order to teach the new generation of leaders and designers, and to create new interdisciplinary knowledge.

Strong from their own specialties, the 3 ARTEM Schools offer many types of skills to students
in the artistic, technical, managerial and strategic fields.

  • Why join this program?

• Study of the luxury product/service value chain: starting by the design and production stages, to the promotion and sales stages,
• Immersion in luxury companies during the program (internship to carry out in luxury companies, company visits, modules taught by professionals specialized in design and luxury management...),
• Pedagogical, economical and cultural environment of a French Business School,
• Personalized support during the program (individual and personal assessment organized with recruitment tests, guidance assessment, assistance in your internship search and the implementation of your professional project...),
• The 2nd year of the program is taught entirely in English.

  • Program objectives:

• To develop the knowledge and expertise necessary for progressing in the ever-changing luxury and design markets,
• To implement business, marketing and communication strategies that are adapted to professionals in the luxury market,
• To acquire a culture of design, its history, knowledge of its materials, its role at the heart of luxury firms, its skills and implementation using the bond between marketing and creation,
• To prepare students for an international career in promoting luxury goods, especially in new emerging markets. 

  • Director's Message

Maxime KOROMYSLOV"Fashion and leather, perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits, jewels and watches, hospitality and cars ... so many different and varied sectors, independent but complementary, make up the luxury industry. With business worth more than 200 billion euros worldwide for just personal goods, and as much as 800 billion for all luxury goods and services, this truly fascinating sector transcends time, generations and crises without difficulty, like no other sector!
Luxury is recognizable in skill and quality. That is why, in this ICN multidisciplinary program MSc in Luxury and Design Management you will discover the complete luxury value chain, from the idea to the final product, via the stages of design and production.

Director of the Program



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